Sara Bezovšek is a visual artist focused on new media, experimental film and graphic design, in which she also holds an MFA from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. In her work, she is researching, archiving and collaging visual references that she discovers while browsing the web and watching films and TV series. She has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions, among others in Ljubljana at the Aksioma project space, Kamera in Kino Šiška, GT22, Osmo/za, sloART, DobraVaga, P74 and SCCA-Ljubljana, online in Feral File, in Maribor at Kiblix and MFRU, and in Koper at IZIS. SND has been showcased at the online biennial The Wrong Biennale and on the online platform Do Not Research. She was the recipient of the Prešeren Award for Students in 2018 and was nominated for the OHO Young Artist Award in 2022. She received the main award at the Ljubljana Short Film Festival (FeKK) for one of her short films in 2021 and the Vesna award for the best Slovenian experimental film in 2022.
Sara Bezovšek
2020 - ongoing

An interactive story game in the form of a webpage.
It consists of the homepage, titled You Are Here, which depicts various apocalyptic scenarios, and multiple still growing subpages, which show what could come after the end of the world.

The artist collected visual material, found online in the form of short videos, memes, photographs, gifs, emoticons and various external links (which allow the viewer to explore the given themes on their own), and collaged it with her own works, thereby creating a complex and visually saturated narrative that follows typical Hollywood film premises and takes the viewer from an idyllic situation to scenes of natural catastrophes, alien invasions, nuclear explosions, meteorite collisions and other possible situations. After the apocalypse(-s) the viewer can choose their own narrative and freely explore all of the given possibilities.
SND was published on the Do Not Research platform
(You Are Here)
Nuclear Winter
part of the interactive story game SND
Evacuate Earth
part of the interactive story game SND
False Utopia
part of the interactive story game SND
A screen recording of the webpage False Utopia:
part of the interactive story game SND
Human eXtinction
part of the interactive story game SND
Festival IZIS, Koper, 2022
oh god, 2022
Feral File: For Your Eyes Only, 2021
curator: Domenico Quaranta
What's Your Truth: Tipping Point
interactive installation aka video game, 2022
with Dorijan Šiško
Nature is Healing
SCCA Ljubljana, 2022
The Influencing Machine, 2022
"Produced especially for the launch of The Influencing Machine publication is the debut of a new browser-based artwork from Slovenian artist Sara Bezovšek. The artist treats the Procedures Manual, SCCA Network archive and all materials connected to The Influencing Machine research study like a dataset. The result is an all-encompassing recursive spiral into the Influencing Machine itself as a cultural phenomenon, a mind map, an epic scroll, a turbofolklore, and a machine pulling the levers that control our hearts and minds." - Aaron Kriegh Moulton
MFRU 2022
Encyclopezine, 2021
duo exhibition with Nejc Trampuž, 2021
crash & burn
wwwiolenc=3 trilogy
Revenge Porn
Emoji collages
artist residency (Encyclopezine in the making)
The cover image 4 The Internet Yami-Ichi Ljubljana, 2021
The Wrong Biennale, 2021
pavilion: Art was only a substitute for the internet
curator: Andres Manniste
Graphic Design (coming soon)
Interviews, webinars:
The Photographers Gallery and Fotomuseum Winterthur, 2022 - Screen Walk with Sara Bezovšek
Kiblix, 2021 - The Digital Media Environment – Webinar with Sara Bezovšek
Mladina, 2020 - Sara Bezovšek, vizualna umetnica, ki izkorišča ustvarjalni potencial družabnih omrežij in popkulturnih fenomenov
Nero Editions, Ljubljana in four acts, 2020
Sara Bezovšek is a visual artist, active in the fields of new media, experimental film and graphic design.
Her artistic practice is characterized by the exploration, collection and storage of mostly pop-cultural visual references from various online platforms, films and TV series. Using the cut/copy-and-paste technique, she combines the found digital material into web pages, collages, mashup videos, etc., thus creating new narratives through appropriation. In doing so, she is interested in what people view and share on social networks, how visual material travels the internet, how it changes and how it affects users. By using digital images familiar to the global internet user, she wishes to depict how internet phenomena, clichés, and iconic pop-cultural references influence our perception. The dense amount of short clips from known series and films, animated GIFs, internet memes, videos and other images from online platforms creates a feeling of layeredness, as the viewer can read a number of parallel associations, linked to recognising individual material, in addition to the basic story.
In the context of the post-internet paradigm, she thus creates a space where online content and internet references are a consistent and indispensable part of the world in which we live.