Nature is Healing
SCCA Ljubljana, 2022

The second exhibition collaboration between SCCA-Ljubljana and FeKK will transform the Project Room SCCA space into the definitive covid meme Nature is Healing. The post-lockdown momentum to make up for lost time, the restart of the economy, the return of fomo and yolo, made the witty new joke, which deep down revealed our naive hopes that nature would save itself after all, to suffocate even before it could breathe a little cleaner air.

With her work at last year’s FeKK, Sara Bezovšek convinced the jury and received the Grand Prix award, and above all shocked the audience with impressive images of the terrible consequences of environmental destruction and the endless possibilities of our extinction. Most people, faced with a catastrophe in sight, rather than seeking a solution in a change of lifestyle, decide to repeat the cycle of denial and escape into their own everyday microcosm of meaning, instilled in us by the capitalist system.

For the duration of the festival, the Project Room SCCA will become an exhibition space and an installation that will take us from artist’s most recent projects to her early works, from speculative to virtual reality, from nature to atomic winter, all in the style of scrolling that the artist uses for storytelling and dramaturgy in her online projects. The visitor will be confronted with the contrast between solutions and disasters, utopias and dystopias, and with the ultimate question of whether there is still a way out. There is! Through the window to the Museum platform to the FeKK festival!

Peter Cerovšek