An interactive website named SND leads its visitors through possible futures of our planet. The content that the artist has found online forms a complex and visually saturated narrative which follows the premise of a typical Hollywood film. There are numerous additional links and other content that visitors to the site can use for their own exploration of given topics and for choosing their own paths that can lead them to a variety of different futures for humankind. SND is an ongoing project and currently encompasses seven subsites: You Are Here, Human Extinction, False Utopia, Overpopulation, Evacuate Earth, Nuclear Winter and Through the Wormhole. In an era marked by doomscrolling, conspiracy theories, climate change-related anxiety and political tensions, in which we often question our way of life and wonder about our near existence, SND depicts the general feeling of unease and helplessness that we experience whenever we see what is going on in the world.

The artist collected visual material, found online in the form of short videos, memes, photographs, gifs, emoticons and various external links (which allow the viewer to explore the given themes on their own), and collaged it with her own works, thereby creating a complex and visually saturated narrative that follows typical Hollywood film premises and takes the viewer from an idyllic situation to scenes of natural catastrophes, alien invasions, nuclear explosions, meteorite collisions and other possible situations. After the apocalypse(-s) the viewer can choose their own narrative and freely explore all of the given possibilities.

- text from the
ETC Magazine, where SND was showcased
At the moment SND consists of the subpages:
You Are Here -
Human Extinction -
False Utopia -
Overpopulation -
Nuclear Winter -
Evacuate Earth -
SND was published on the Do Not Research platform
A screen recording of the You Are Here webpage: