Since the Unicode standard is only an abstract specification, which is then realised by typography and OS designers through their original work, there are various open-source and protected implementationts of this specification. Some of these artworks include +-14 collections of different providers such as: Google, Whatsapp, Twitter, Mozilla, LG, Microsoft, HTC, Samsung, Facebook, Apple, etc.
Oh, you love mountains? Name every mountain, 2023
Bugs everywhere, 2023
Big city life, 2020-2023
The greatest spaceships of science fiction, 2023
There are some very visible manifestations of the welfare state in brutalist architecture, 2022
oh god, 2022
Love, Death & Robots, S01E02: Three Robots, 2020
Marine Emojidiversity, 2020
untitled, 2020
Where's T-Rex?, 2019
The Storm Is Comming, 2020
Do Moths Die When They Touch The Light?, 2020
The Storm is Coming, 2021
Suicide Jumpers, 2020
Details, 2020
Stay Home / Ostani doma, w Nejc Trampuž, 2020
Evija Vebere, 2020
Ants at a Picnic, 2020
False claim: Bill Gates faces trial in India for testing vaccines on children (aka Bill Gates’s backyard), 2020
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