Sara Bezovšek is a visual artist, active in the fields of new media, experimental film and graphic design.
Her artistic practice is characterized by the exploration, collection and storage of mostly pop-cultural visual references from various online platforms, films and TV series. Using the cut/copy-and-paste technique, she combines the found digital material into web pages, collages, mashup videos, etc., thus creating new narratives through appropriation. In doing so, she is interested in what people view and share on social networks, how visual material travels the internet, how it changes and how it affects users. By using digital images familiar to the global internet user, she wishes to depict how internet phenomena, clichés, and iconic pop-cultural references influence our perception. The dense amount of short clips from known series and films, animated GIFs, internet memes, videos and other images from online platforms creates a feeling of layeredness, as the viewer can read a number of parallel associations, linked to recognising individual material, in addition to the basic story.
In the context of the post-internet paradigm, she thus creates a space where online content and internet references are a consistent and indispensable part of the world in which we live.