Sara Bezovšek & Dorijan Šiško
4 Projekt Atol

05 – 17 October
The exhibition What’s Your Truth: Tipping Point is a continuation of a long-term project by Sara Bezovšek and Dorijan Šiško in which the artists explore the ideas of contemporary postinternet society and the logic of video games.
The project What’s Your Truth (WYT) questions the practical effects of postmodern relativism while flirting with the consequences of the fragmentation of social consensus and the proliferation of “truths” that characterise society and politics in the age of the internet, algorithmic profiling and social media. In a new chapter entitled Tipping Point, the WYT gaming experience is updated with elements that respond to current socio-political situations, and the space of the video game spills over into the space of the exhibition. The gallery and its “reality” are just another (non-privileged) piece of the iceberg, one part of this world of “many truths” in which everyone chooses/reveals their own. The informational-ideological path of this gaming mission and at the same time personality test leads to several possible conclusions – different mutually exclusive truths – which the player with his/her choices not only determines but also co-shapes, reinforces, and further disseminates.

foto: Marijo Zupanov
What's Your Truth
Sara Bezovšek and Dorijan Šiško
What Is Your Truth?
video game, 2021

What Is Your Truth? is a video game by Sara Bezovšek and Dorijan Šiško in which the artists explore the ideas of modern internet society in the form of a video game/personality quiz. Through the virtual world the players embark on an information oriented ideological path where he or she reveals his or her unique personality profile by visiting thematic locations and choosing the so called »truths«.The spatial-conceptual design follows the classic iceberg analogy that concurrently alludes to the obscurity and the cultural-ideological logic of »truths« from which the players can choose. The design is divided into two segments: Light Mode, takes place on the surface, and Dark Mode, takes place underwater; this is also where all the darkest »truths« can be found. The players follow the so called “Yellow Brick Road” (the road to success and wealth), which is actually a reference from the Wizard of Oz, and embark on a virtual path from the tip of the iceberg into the depths of various ideologies and confront them primarily visually. Throughout the path, players are accompanied by méms which serve as a sort of road signs while at the same time further contextualizing locations and »truths«. Centred on the choices and decisions that the player makes on his or her path, a personalised »profile« is being created. Consequently, based on the individual’s acting experience, a personalized »end« is generated for the user which is shaped by the archetypes of various public personalities of the 21st century and is an ironic reflection of today’s society.The project flirts with the philosophical implications of the existence of various »truths« in the media-social landscape of a post-virtual, post-internet society. Metaphysical relativism, diagnosed by French poststructuralists in the second half of the 20th century, is now established in the practical sphere. But the project in question does not merely toy with this situation, but rather problematizes it: when the players move between individual »truths« and select/accumulate them, he or she also participates in their formation, preservation and dissemination and is thus part of a different, mutually exclusive reality. In Hegel’s sense, the concept of each of the offered ideologies as a federal assumption, paired with other »truths«, is thus »abolished«.
International Festival of Art, Technology and Science
Dark Mode
(the first version of What's Your Truth)
exhibition @osmo/za